The HD (Hydrophilic Diet) Defined

First, I will explain to you what hydrophilic means.

Hydrophilic foods are foods that are water loving. I like to think of it as hydro-water and philic-filled with. Foods that are hydrophilic offer extraordinary benefits to individuals seeking weight loss in addition to providing a long list of health benefits that I will discuss later.

So why do we want to incorporate hydrophilic foods in our diet? The soluble fiber of these foods come in contact with water, and forms a gelatinous substance. This gel forming phenomenon that takes place is the key to how the hydrophilic diet can be the diet you have been searching for. These gummy fibers known as mucilages when digested, becomes a gel in your stomach!!! The gel is the key to your weight loss and your new healthy body.

Sounds to good to be true- but I swear it is. Here is why.

  1. The gel expansion makes you full.
  2. You can mix hydrophilic foods into other foods as a calorie and fat displacer.
  3. These foods slow down the absorption of carbs in your body, so you don’t have peaks in your blood sugar. So you don’t get those ravenous moments where you can eat the whole kitchen cabinet!!!
  4. These foods act as a broom in your body, cleaning it out!! So your body is detoxifying on this diet. It’s a known fact that when you have a cleaner body, those nasty cravings for chocolate, chips and ice cream go away. You don’t have to only drink raw juices for 10 days straight to get this detoxifying benefit. The hydrophilic diet (HD) will provide you with that feeling.

On The HD Diet, you will experience all of these benefits all the while incorporating delicious foods that you love and even a couple of cheats along the way!!!

The king of all hydrophilic foods is the Chia seed. This is a food that will be used in the HD a lot!! The chia seed is the super food of the HD. Some other examples of foods that are hydrophilic are kanten or agar, edible seaweed, pectin fruits, beets, and okra. These foods are incorporated into the HD along with other foods that can be categorized as hydro neutral, and hydrophobic (to be talked about another time) to result in a lifestyle eating plan that will make you look and feel fantastic.