A New Diet is in Town!!!

O.K.- I know. There are so many diets out there it can be really confusing. Atkins, South Beach, Grapefruit, Cookie, Cabbage,- just to name a few. But have you looked around you lately?? Even with all these diets circulating- Americans are still fat!!! In fact, during the past 20 years there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in the United States. Eight out of 10 people over 25 are overweight. As a nation, we don’t look so great. The worst part about it is that all this excess weight is killing us. Check out these statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention-

  • 80% of type II diabetes related to obesity
  • 70% of Cardiovascular disease related to obesity
  • 42% breast and colon cancer diagnosed among obese individuals
  • 30% of gall bladder surgery related to obesity
  • 26% of obese people having high blood pressure

I can even top that. Today’s generation is the 1st generation of Americans in 200 years NOT expected to outlive their parents. As a mom, that one takes my breath away. The point is that the food we take in and the lifestyle we live matters. ALOT.

So as a registered dietitian, an American and a mother- I decided it was time to come up with a revolutionary diet that can accomplish what a diet is supposed to accomplish. There is a formula to a working diet which includes the quantity you take in (volume,calories), the types of foods you put in your body(nutrients, minerals, vitamins), and we can’t forget about physical activity to burn calories and strengthen your heart and muscles. These three elements combined will lead to weight reduction and increased quality of life. So how do we get there?

THE HYDROPHILIC DIET is your answer. It will address all of these aspects in a way that will make sense to you and most of all make you feel and look great. You will look at eating in a different way, and ultimately you will attain your goals.