HD- Making You Flatter Not Fatter!!!

O.K. I know it’s been a while but I was busy at Decision Nutrition helping my clients lose weight with my revolutionary Hydrophylic Diet. So let’s reiterate. The HD diet is hunger management by ingesting water absorbing foods. When you introduce these foods to your diet and combine physical exercise (like we all should be doing- EVERYDAY), the pounds will come off.

Now- here is a question I get so often- I need to address!!!

“If you are eating water- absorbing foods all the time- won’t my stomach get bloated and gassy- expand- and I’ll look fatter?”

I completely get the question. It sounds scary eating foods that expand with water in your stomach. But let me explain.

The ability for this water absorbing capacity in these foods is due to the soluble fiber that is in the foods. That’s really what we are talking about here- foods that contain what I like to call super fiber. All fiber foods have hydrophilic qualities. HD foods just have magnanimous hydrophilic capabilities. Now you get that we are talking about fiber. So how many times have we heard that fiber is responsible for so many health benefits like lowering serum cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes risk AND improving digestive problems like reflux, irritable bowel, constipation and diverticulosis. Not to mention that it keeps you full for longer. Now imagine these capabilities magnified. If HD foods have the capacity for all these health benefits plus aiding in your digestion in a super way- they are certainly not making you fat! Now let me just say that if you are eating a common western diet that a typical American eats- a lot of processed foods, high fat protein foods and few fruits and veggies and introduce super fiber hydrophilic foods to your body – your dirty insides may have some adjusting to do. Imagine your sink clogged with a year’s worth of hair. In order to get rid of it- you bring in the Drano. That doesn’t work so you call in the plumber. After 300 dollars and a clump of hair the size of a tennis ball- you have a clog free sink. But it was expensive and annoying and could have been avoided if you cleaned out your sink once in a while!!! I shouldn’t talk because it’s happened to me more times than I care to share. THE POINT IS

The HD diet cleans out your body which makes you flatter not fatter. But all that work your body has to do to get back on track may cause some discomfort. Then you’ve got your clean slate to continue on your HD diet journey.