Currently, I am founder and president of Decision Nutrition®, a nutrition consultant firm in Great Neck, NY and Roslyn, NY. I have been in this field for over 10 years counseling people on many health issues including obesity, diabetes, and general wellness. I have always believed our diets play a vital role in promoting good health and well- being. The term, “You are what you eat” really holds true!!!! Food can fuel us to feel better, feel more energized, and think faster. That is why I was interested in going into the field of nutrition. I decided to get my Masters in Food and Science and become a registered dietitian to spread this important message.

I teach my clients that the first step to living your most healthy life has to be your decision. If you are 20 pounds overweight, and feeling lethargic, there are reasons why you are in that position. Probably, you have been making the wrong choices for many years. We have to relearn how to eat and exercise. That takes a commitment from you. I am your advocate but the decision to change your life has to be yours. That is why I named my firm Decision Nutrition®.

The biggest complaint I hear from my clients is that they don’t have time to eat right or exercise. Believe me, I understand. We are all busy putting in long hours at work, and running our kids around from one activity to the next. We’re exhausted, and adding one more task to our long list of duties like eating high quality fresh foods or getting on the treadmill seems daunting. Living healthy is supposed to make you feel good- not more stressed!!! But I promise with a little effort on your part, it can be done.

On the eating side, the best piece of advice I can offer right away, is to be mindful of your body’s hunger signals. I can’t tell you how many people skip breakfast and by the time two o’clock rolls around, they don’t care what goes into their body. And with so many fast food unhealthy options around us, you can consume an entire days worth of calories in 10 minutes. You will never get on track doing that. So be prepared with healthy whole food snacks, be mindful of what you are eating on your plate, and DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST!!!

Fitness has to be incorporated into your life like brushing your teeth. You would never skip that- right? You have to make time for it and that’s the bottom line. You have 30 minutes to watch a show or talk to a friend- you can find time to be active. The benefits will become addictive!

This is an important subject to talk about. The Center for Disease Control states, “This is the first generation in 200 years that will not outlive their parents.” As a mother, that statistic makes me so mad. It should make you mad too!!

We, as parents, have to take responsibility for how our children are treating their bodies. Most importantly, we have to be their role models for healthy eating and staying active. We have to stock our houses with fresh whole foods so that they are available to our children and keep empty calorie junk food to a minimum. This includes soft drinks, fatty fried foods and high sugar foods. We have to prepare healthy meals filled with whole grains, lean protein, veggies and fruits.

It is great to enroll your child in a sport because it ensures consistent exercise. However, we have to place importance on our activity also. Our children do what they see. If you treat your body with respect, they will do the same!

I teach my clients that the first step to living your most healthy life has to be your decision. If you are 20 pounds overweight, and feeling lethargic, there are reasons why you are in that position. Probably, you have been making the wrong choices for many years. We have to relearn how to eat and exercise. That takes a commitment from you. I am your advocate but the decision to change your life has to be yours. That is why I named my firm Decision Nutrition®.

There are a lot more than 5 foods that I would steer clear of on a healthy diet. I can break it down into 2 large categories.

First, high fat foods make you fat. Foods that are fried (fried chicken, French fries), and high fat meals like pizza and red meat aren’t the best choices.

Second, high sugar foods like those containing refined white sugar, dextrose, and corn syrup. These are also fat foods. This would include cakes, cookies, white bread, and white pasta. Foods in these categories are counterproductive in getting you fit and energized!

There are so many foods that you can incorporate into your diet that you will absolutely enjoy and that are delicious. Whole grains like oats, brown rice, barley, and quinoa. Every vegetable and every fruit you see in the produce section (that’s a lot!!!), beans, seeds, nuts, lean meats, and low fat dairy products.

I completely get the question. It sounds scary eating foods that expand with water in your stomach.

But let me explain. The ability for this water absorbing capacity in these foods is due to the soluble fiber that is in the foods. That’s really what we are talking about here- foods that contain what I like to call super fiber. All fiber foods have hydrophilic qualities. HD foods just have magnanimous hydrophilic capabilities. Now you get that we are talking about fiber.

So how many times have we heard that fiber is responsible for so many health benefits like lowering serum cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes risk AND improving digestive problems like reflux, irritable bowel, constipation and diverticulosis. Not to mention that it keeps you full for longer. Now imagine these capabilities magnified. If HD foods have the capacity for all these health benefits plus aiding in your digestion in a super way- they are certainly not making you fat!

Now let me just say that if you are eating a common western diet that a typical American eats- a lot of processed foods, high fat protein foods and few fruits and veggies and introduce super fiber hydrophilic foods to your body – your dirty insides may have some adjusting to do. Imagine your sink clogged with a year’s worth of hair. In order to get rid of it- you bring in the Drano. That doesn’t work so you call in the plumber. After 300 dollars and a clump of hair the size of a tennis ball- you have a clog free sink. But it was expensive and annoying and could have been avoided if you cleaned out your sink once in a while!!!

I shouldn’t talk because it’s happened to me more times than I care to share. THE POINT IS- The HD diet cleans out your body which makes you flatter not fatter. But all that work your body has to do to get back on track may cause some discomfort. Then you’ve got your clean slate to continue on your HD diet journey.

The fact is that many foods listed as fat free or low fat can have just as many calories as the full fat version of the same food, and sometimes it can have even more!!!

That’s because to make up for the deleted flavor and texture from removing the fat, there will be added sugar, starch thickeners, and flour which adds calories. Often, we mindlessly pick up a box of cookies because it says “Low Fat” on the package. Be sure to read the Nutrition Facts on the label for the calories that are in a serving.

Remember the serving size may be less than the portion you are consuming.

The fact is when your body and mind are starving due to that skipped meal, your metabolism slows down to conserve calories which is counterproductive if you want to lose weight. Also, you are much more likely to overeat the second the opportunity presents itself.

The best way to eat throughout the day is to eat small, well balanced meals all day long.

The fact is that the Egg Nutrition Council reports that the difference in color has nothing to do with nutritional value. Both brown eggs and white eggs contains 70 calories, 5 grams of fat and around 213 mg cholesterol. The only difference is what type of hen it came from.

The fact is that brown sugar is actually white sugar with added molasses. The mineral content difference between brown sugar and white sugar is insignificant. There is nothing healthier about brown sugar.

A lot of people like to argue the facts on this one. When your diet is mostly made up of high protein foods like meat, fish, eggs, and cheese, your diet is not balanced. You are probably eating too much fat and cholesterol which may raise heart disease risk. You are most likely consuming too few vegetables, fruits, and whole grains which are all important fiber sources. This diet will most likely lead to you feeling weak and tired.

We need carbs to maintain our energy!. If you eat less than 130 grams a day it can lead to ketone build up(partially broken down fats) in your blood. This is called ketosis which can cause you to produce high levels of uric acid which is a risk factor for gout and kidney stones. A healthy meal plan includes complex carbs from whole grains, fruits and veggies. You always need balance in your eating plan to provide you with all the energy and nutirents your body needs!!

The Hydrophilic diet is a revolutionary, ground breaking lifestyle diet plan. It incorporates water, absorbent, nutritious foods that manage your hunger. These foods not only satiate your appetite but nurture your body as well. In turn, you are vibrant, healthy and full. On the HD journey, my clients have improved their lives through the food choices they make and have learned how to make decisions that affect their bodies as well as their minds. The results are living your life the HD way which is always in high definition.

The literal translation of the word hydrophilic means “water- loving” I like to think of it as hydro(water) and philic(filled).Foods that contain hydrophilic properties are foods that possess a high amount of aquatic fiber that when ingested absorbs water and forms a gel in your stomach so that you remain full for longer . When you build your meals around these foods, your body responds. Your digestion, hydration, hormones, and blood glucose levels all improve and you feel energetic and healthy. Not to mention that these foods provide an abundance of vitamins and minerals!!

This diet plan is absolutely for everyone. The Hydrophilic diet incorporates whole, nutritious foods from all food groups and is a plan that can be followed as a lifestyle. It emphasizes meal preparation, appropriate portions, physical wellbeing, and most importantly eliciting a change in your state of mind to be accountable to yourself and your health. These lessons in combination benefits the person that needs to lose a lot of weight to the athlete that wants to eat healthy and be strong.

The Volumetrics plan encourages foods that have high water volume. The Carb Lovers diet promotes resistant starch foods. Both of these plans have valid suggestions however the HD Diet introduces foods in a new way. The Hydrophilic Diet stresses integrating water absorbent foods that are high in pectin and mucilage into every meal. My plan revolves around building your meals with these types of foods. An example of these foods are:

  • Unprocessed seeds like chia seeds( my plan’s super food), sesame, sunflowers and nuts
  • Grains like oats, barley, brown rice
  • Vegetables like okra, beets, asparagus, broccoli, celery, carrots, Brussels sprouts, and spinach
  • Herbs like parsley, basil and sage
  • Seaweeds like kelp and dulse
  • Legumes like kidney, lima, soy, lentils, and chick peas
  • Pectin fruits like apples, pears and berries
  • Herbal teas like nettle and slippery elm
  • Supplements of psyllium husk and aloe Vera

The foods that have high water content on my plan with little water absorbent qualities are termed hydroneutral and the foods that have little or no water content with no water absorbing capacity are classified as hydrophobic. Therefore, the HD Diet enlightens people to categorize foods differently than any other plan on the market.

Exercise is extraordinarily important. The Hydrophilic Diet lifestyle is not a linear program. If you want to gain health and lose weight- exercise is an integral piece of the puzzle. It is a fact that exercise has physical, psychological and cardiovascular benefits.

There is an added value to the HD Diet exercise plan. My plan includes a regimen for bone and joint health that no other plan emphasizes. In addition to your routine of cardiovascular exercise(to burn calories) and weight training exercises(to build muscle), there will be exercises for your joints and bones to prevent osteoporosis, and arthritis.

The HD Diet exercise program strengthens your muscles, bones and joints to invoke the healthiest you.

The Hydrophilic Diet emphasizes all food groups including protein. There is stress to portion out your lean protein foods which many of my clients have lost sight of since the entire high protein craze. There is also encouragement of plant based protein meals that have hydrophilic properties like lentils and chickpeas. There are specific foods in each food group that are highlighted due to their water absorbent abilities.

This is an initiation step to the HD plan that has no gimmick. In fact, your metabolism is given a makeover to rev up and get back on track. It is a jumpstart with a clean diet, no refined sugars or processed foods, no alcohol, no dairy and high portions of hydrophilic foods that get quicker results than when on the lifestyle plan. The timing of meals and physical exercises are extraordinarily important in this phase. The time frame is usually 2-3 weeks.

These are valid issues. The most important aspect to getting over these two humps is the combination of work that you do on my plan spiritually( working on your mind) and factually( acquiring the knowledge of building your meals). The lessons you learn will help keep you accountable to this life’s journey. In addition, I am developing an APP (for the Iphone, Ipad, and Droid) to facilitate compliance.

I would choose lentils, oats, okra, apples, and chia seeds. These foods are my choice because they are my top hydrophilic foods.

Men concentrate more on building up their muscle mass which in turn increases their metabolism. Women concentrate more on “being thin”. Therefore, many women concentrate on their cardio routines and forgo building lean body mass. Women need to have more of this frame of mind to increase their metabolisms for good.

I stress eating complex carb meals with some protein 1- 2 hours before exercise.